Monday, April 26, 2004


OK, OK... I told you I am totally lazy... I haven't blogged for, like, a month! So sue me!

So what's been going on? Well, loads. Not long after my last post I saw the Dead Kennedys. Yes, thats rights, the Dead Kennedys... The greatest ever band... EVER!!!

Naturally Jello Biaffra wasn't singing because, well, he keeps on suing them. He has brought eight court cases against the band, now, and lost them all! One wonders why he doesn't just get over it! Instead the singer was a chap called Jeff Penalty. Last time I saw them Brandon Cruz was singing. Brandon's show was a lot more hardcore for me, I think - many more of the thrashier numbers. However, unlike Brandon, who is about the same age as the DK's and came from that same early '80s hardcore scene (though he was from LA not, SF), Jeff is a limber, youthful lad, with some extremely wild antics. My friends and I decided we couldn't be bothered with the support bands and stayed in the pub until the DK's came on. The club where they played, the Rescue Rooms, is a tiny little place, so everyone was packed in and it was a real crush! As soon as we got in we heard the first lines of "Kill the Poor," and I was instantly cramming myself to the front, in time to see Jeff Penalty climbing up the side of the banisters on a flight stairs over the pit, before throwing himself into the audience! Cool!

All the classics were played, obviously, but it was the feel of the gig that was best - it was small, the band were right there with you. They were especially right there with you since, after the show, we went to the bar next door, and there they were! We got to drink with the Dead Kennedys! Well, not really, 'cause it was only Klaus von Chloride and East Bay Ray, not the whole band. Plus Ray was mainly interested in pulling these two groupies... but who can blame him? I would, if I was ina a great punk rock band, at, like, fifty years old, and the groupies still wanted me!

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